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Magic Canvass

The insurance industry is today booming with a lot of opportunities for young and dynamic people. And a career in Insurance is attracting a whole lot of talent people from several professions.

To tap the potential, LIC as well as private insurers are sparing no effort in recruiting the best talents from the market.

Be informed that getting quality people is not difficult if you have a striking presentation that effectively demonstrates the irrestible goodies that Insurance agency as a career with LIC has to offer.

With MAGIC CANVASS you will be able to successfully showcase the strength of LIC, and the advantages of being associates with this life insurance giant of India.

Magic Canvass is a complete solution to help you make world class Career Selling presentations to your prospective agents. This product is made up of two components:

  1. Software CD- a full fledged Agency Canvassing application
  2. Prepare personalized striking presentations for prospective agents.

The software allows you to generate presentations as printed reports as well as a highly intuitive animated on-screen presentation. Whats more, the animated presentation can also be given to your prospect for independent viewing on his own computer during his leisure time. These presentations will exhibit the following:

  • Why choose Insurance Agency as a career? - The benefits of taking up Insurance Agency as a career
  • Why LIC? - The advantages of becoming an LICAgent
  • The strengths of Life Insurance Corporation of India
  • Customizable Income Forecast - How much more one can earn as an agent.
  • Success Stories - Examples of successful agents in your team and nationwide
  • Your Strengths Details about yourself and your team philosophy
  • Procedure of becoming an LICAgent
  • Keep a record of all your prospects and keep track of their status and follow up dates, etc.
  • View Vital analytical information about your prospects
  • Generate Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Lists which will enable you to do the necessary PR on such events.