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Life Insurance (LIC) Software Products

Here are products for insurance vertical. Mainly for LIC Agents, Development Officers, GIC Agents, Development Officers, Small Savings Agents. These products are developed by Datacomp Web Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai.

Visual Magic Pro–Life

Visual Magic Pro–Life is India’s No. 1 Insurance Agency Management Software for Agents of Life India Corporation. ....More Details

Tab Magic

TabMagic is Insurance Agency Plan presentation Software for Agents of Life India Corporation(LIC). ....More Details

Visual DO Magic

Visual DO Magic is a software for Development Officers (Unit Managers) of LIC. It caters to needs like Insurance sales presentations, comprehensive Agency Team Management and Policy Servicing / Marketing system ....More Details


eCRM stands for Electronic Customer Relationship Management. eCRMagic is a technology driven service, which is aimed at enhancing your customers satisfaction experience through effective communication and thereby locking their patronage with you for a longer period of time One of the biggest challenges you face in maximizing business from your customers is in identifying their requirements. With a clear idea of each customer relationship with your organization, you are better able to target customers and deliver what they need. eCRMagic provides the means for you and your customer to get a 360-degree view of the their insurance portfolio and a history of interactions with your organization ....More Details


eCRMobi is LIC Agent's website which can be accessed from mobile phone. ....More Details

Magic Canvass

It's a presentation tool for LIC Development Officer for prospective Agent. ....More Details

Insuremagic - Multi Insurer

An Add-on Multi-Insurer Policy Management Software for VISUAL MAGIC Pro. A complete policy servicing system supporting policies of all Private Life Insurance companies

....More Details

LIC - Mobile Magic Companion

A product which will replace all your old LIC Calculator tools !!!

Has - Premium Calculator, Need Analysis, Option Planner, Insurance Calculator, Policy Services ....More Details

LIC - Mobile Magic LIPS ( MM - LIPS)

MM-LIPS harnesses the power of the little gadget that you carry in your pocket at all times, your wonderful mobile phone! It is a software application through which you can access several types of policy & policy holder information in few button clicks - right on your mobile phone; thereby keeping you enabled to give quality service to your customers even on the move. ....More Details

Visual Magic Pro Nonlife

It's a software product for Agents and Development Officers of Non-Life Insurance companies explores the non-life sector in depth, catering to every minute detail of agency business and provides comprehensive, robust and unparalleled power in the hands of the Non-Life Insurance Agent. ....More Details

Visual Magic Pro Small Savings

Comprehensive software program for Small Savings Agency Management. Investments covered are PPF, Postal RD, National Saving Certificate (NSC), Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), Time Deposits (TD), Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) ....More Details

Magic Portfolio

Magic Portfolio is a wizard based software application. It creates the presentation software to be provided to your customers on a CD.

It can contains Insurance Products Information, Customer's Insurance and Investment related presentations i.e. Compreshensive Insurance Chart, Premium Calendar, Cash Flow Chart etc.

MagicPlan / WonderPlan Presentations, Scanned copy of all his important documents, Printable useful forms i.e Various Insurance and Investment Calculators, Stress Relievers (Games) ....More Details