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India’s most popular business automation software for Mutual Fund Distributors

Mutual Fund distribution is a highly competitive business. While the opportunities are in abundance, the challenges of a MF Distributor are also many. With so many AMCs offering hundreds of investment schemes, research and knowledge of these schemes is of paramount importance to the distributor to give justice to his advisory business. Secondly he is dealing with a big volume in terms of transactions and has a serious task of managing the investment portfolio of his customers. Tracking brokerage is another arduous task and so is monitoring the sales growth.

FundzMagic is a comprehensive end-to-end business automation application for small to enterprise level MF Distributors. It addresses all the challenges of a professional MF distributor’s business and covers the entire gamut of his needs, thereby enriching all aspects of his business.

Comprehensive Scope:
Back Office Management, CRM, Brokerage, Pre-Sales, Funds Advisory, Sales MIS, Application Forms Dispatch, Paperless Office

Advanced Technology:
Developed using Microsoft’s state-of-the-art “.Net Technology platform”. Confines to Microsoft recommended application architecture. Uses robust and scalable MS-SQL Server database

Rich User Interface:
Extremely user friendly application with advanced GUI (graphical user interface) elements - Outlook style menus, Favorites Menu, NAV Ticker, informative & configurable Dashboards, filterable Tabular Views, attractively laid Reports, vibrant 3D Graphs, and smart Data Entry Forms.

Extensive Report Options:
Most of the reports are available in multiple sorting options. Multiple filters are also provided to enable you to get the report with data of your choice. For e.g. you can get Inwards Transactions report for specific Funds, Customers, Transaction Types, Sales Channel, Transaction Period and so on.

Intelligent Download Service:
The data needed to drive the application can be downloaded in single click, thanks to the smart logic used in FundzMagic which downloads only incremental / modified data on your PC. The following data is provided by FundzMagic Download Server:

  • AMCs & Funds
  • Asset Allocation Data (Fact sheets)
  • Dividends & Bonuses Announced
  • NAVs
  • Application Forms

Smart Import System:
The smart import wizard allows you to rapidly import the transactions data supplied by Registrars such as CAMS / Karvy / Templeton / Duestche or your Principal Broker.

Automatic Report Dispatch:
The scheduler can automatically e-mail portfolio reports to your selected customers at the scheduled time, thus freeing you from the repetitive task. For e.g. you can schedule Portfolio Valuation Report for every Saturday, Folio Ledger for every 15th of the month and Comprehensive MF Chart for every 10th April for customers XYZ, ABC & LMN. As per this schedule these customers will receive their reports automatically by e-mail.

Auto-Creation of Transactions:
Transactions can be auto-created from the SIP/SWP/STP plans. Similarly, Dividend transactions can also be auto-created from the Dividends Announced data. This feature is especially useful for folios of customers which are not sold under your ARN, where the registrar data is not available to you.

Informative Dashboards:
A unique concept of Dashboards implemented in FundzMagic provides you with real-time snapshot of your business thus enabling you to make better, faster decisions. Think of Dashboards as the content that will be displayed on the homepage of any portal.

Multi-user & Portable on the Laptop:
FundzMagic is a Client-Server application. The node application allows you to connect to the server database and work efficiently in the LAN environment. There is also a LAPTOP version available which can be carried to the field with all the data copied from the server.


Data Management
MF Distribution is a transaction oriented business. The distributor usually handles a lot of transaction data in his BackOffice in order to maintain the portfolio of his customers. We understand that time management is paramount in his business and therefore FundzMagic contains an array of Transaction Management features which helps the distributor to easily capture the MF transactions and organize them swiftly.

  • Advanced Data Capturing forms for recording all types of MF transactions
  • Smart Import Wizards to rapidly import customers and transactions from registrars such as CAMS, Karvy, Templeton, etc.
  • Configurable Import Wizard to import data from Principal Broker supplied data files
  • Auto-creation of SIP/STP/SWP transactions from their masters
  • Dividend Transactions Posting from Dividend records
  • State-of-the-art web based service for daily downloads of NAVs, Funds, AMCs, Dividends, Bonuses, Benchmark Performance, Fact Sheets, Forms, etc.
  • Software comes fully loaded with historical data of NAVs and Dividends since 199X.
  • Powerful Transactions Browser to easily navigate in your voluminous data.

Customer Presentations
FundzMagic generates a host of reports that your customers will find very useful to better understand their MF investments. The reports are attractively presented and supported with appropriate graphs wherever necessary. Some of the many customer portfolio presentations that FundzMagic generates are as below:

  • Portfolio Valuation Report
  • Portfolio Gain-Loss Statement
  • Folio Ledger
  • Portfolio Exposure Report-
  • Portfolio Asset Allocation
  • Comprehensive MF Portfolio Chart
  • Consolidated Insurance & Investments Chart
  • Short & Long Term Gains Report
  • SIP Due Intimation
  • SIP / SWP / STP Renewal Reminder
  • Transaction Intimation
  • ELSS Redemptions Available Report
  • Long Term Gain Redemptions Available Report
  • PAN Registration Letter to Registrar

BackOffice Management
While efficient customer servicing is of key importance in your business, it is equally important to be in control of your back-office operations. FundzMagic contains many reports and on-screen features to help you with all the information that you may need to conduct your business smoothly.

  • Inward Transactions Report
  • Outward Transactions Report
  • All Transactions Report
  • AUM Report
  • Reversal Transactions Log
  • Auto-Transactions Pending Log
  • Import Pending Log
  • Mailing Labels
  • Customer Directory
  • Dynamically filterable Transactions Browser

Brokerage Receivable System
This module will help you in keeping track of your Upfront & Trail Brokerage that you receive from AMCs / Principal Brokers. Due to varying terms on different schemes, tracking the brokerage receivable can be an enormous effort. This module eases this task and presents vital reports to keep you posted on the brokerage earned and outstanding. Additionally this module also provides features to monitor various Rewards & Recognition programs and the incentives earned through these programs.

  • Upfront Brokerage Earned Statement
  • Upfront Brokerage Outstanding Report
  • Trail Commissions Receivable Report
  • Rewards & Incentives Report

FundzMagic has a rich collection of MIS reports which will provide vital views of your customer portfolio, Funds and your business productivity. The MIS in FundzMagic is categorized into Fund MIS, Customer MIS and Productivity MIS.

  • Fund MIS
  • NAV History
  • NAVs at a Glance
  • AMCs at a Glance
  • Funds at a Glance
  • Funds Performance
  • Funds Comparison
  • Funds Snapshot
  • Asset Allocation Comparison
  • My Watch List
  • Brokerage Comparison
  • Customer MIS
  • AUM Drill Down
  • Sales Drill Down
  • Top Customers List
  • Prospective Customers (2 analysis)
  • Folios under Loss
  • Folios giving Profit
  • Book Profit / Stop Loss Report
  • Productivity MIS
  • business Productivity Report
  • Sales Performance Comparison
  • Month wise Performance

In this competitive arena of selling MF, it is critical to have an edge on the competitors to surge your way ahead. FundzMagic boasts of giving you the best pre-sales tools to enable you to close big sales with much ease.

  • Magic-Plan Wealth Machine
  • ULIP Simulation
  • Retirement Plan
  • SIP Performance Chart
  • Comparative SIP Performance
  • SIP Delay Calculator
  • EMI / Present Value / Future Value Calculators
  • Tax Calculator

Application Forms Service
Disseminating information electronically helps you reach out to your customers quickly. Typical need of a MF distributor is to send the fund information and forms to his customers from time to time. This module of FundzMagic deals with helping you in Application Forms distribution to your customers. The module features are as below:

  • Application Forms Download: A sophisticated download service which keeps your system updated with latest forms from various AMCs. Simply click on a button to download them on to your PC.
  • Bulk Dispatch: Electronically stamps your ARN and emails them to your customers
  • Fully Personalized Forms: Allows you to smartly fill up the entire form and dispatch them to your customer by e-mail
  • Dispatch Log: Provides you with full report on all the form dispatches done

Now you can make your office paperless, using the FundzMagic’s state-of-the-art document management system. Instead of keeping bulky paper records of your customers, store them electronically. E-Docket allows you to scan or import the files (such as PDF/ DOC/ XLS / PPT) and organizes them customer wise. You can then retrieve the stored documents by simply selecting the customer and clicking on the desired document in the list. You can view, print or e-mail the document to your customer as and when needed.