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Mobile Magic LIPS ( MM-LIPS)

Mobile Magic LIPS (MM-LIPS) is a breakthrough innovation from Datacomp – the pioneer and the most trusted business solutions provider to the Agents & Development Officers of L.I.C. of India. MM-LIPS harnesses the power of the little gadget that you carry in your pocket at all times, your wonderful mobile phone! It is a software application through which you can access several types of policy & policy holder information in few button clicks - right on your mobile phone; thereby keeping you enabled to give quality service to your customers even on the move.

MM-LIPS comes with the following superb features:
  • No Data-Entry Required -Linked with VMPRO Database
  • Policies Look-Up : Search and view details of the policies of your customers. Get all the information of the policies including advanced details such as Risk Covered, Bonus Vested, Surrender Value, Loan Available, Fund Value, etc.
  • Premiums Due List with Latefee : Get a list of all premium dues in a particular month. It also has an option to include the lapsed policies along with the latefee interest details as applicable. View and send the information to your policyholders by SMS.
  • Premium Outstanding List : Get a complete list of premium outstanding on the basis of various categories ie: within Grace Period / Grace Period Expired / Lapsed Policy list nearing 60 Days / High Priority Term Plans within Grace Period. This list also includes the Late fees & the PayUpto dates so that you can view and send the entire information to your policyholders by SMS.
  • SBs & Maturities : View all the policies whose SB / Maturity is due in a given month.
  • Customers Look-up : Search and view all details of your policy holders. Drill down to their contact details, call or sms them directly from this application, no need for handset’s CONTACTS BOOK
  • Birthdays : View the list of customers whose Birthdays are due today or on a particular day. Send greetings to them instantly
  • Wedding Anniversaries : View the list of customers whose Wedding Anniversary is due today or on a particular day. Send greetings to them instantly
  • Multi-User facility available at no extra cost.

Illustration – How MM-LIPS can be a BOON to your business

Think about a situation like below:

Your customer Mr. Agarwal happens to meet you in a get-together and in the course of discussion he enquires about the LOAN AVAILABLE on his policies. It’s evening time, your OFFICE is CLOSED and you are NOT carrying your laptop. Well, you don’t need to worry at all. THANK GOD you have loaded your mobile phone with MM-LIPS. Just pull out your phone out of your pocket, start MM-LIPS and satisfy Mr. Agarwal’s queries in seconds.