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Magic Portfolio for Life Insurance (LIC) Agents

Technology has changed the lifestyles of people. The consumer of today behaves very differently from the consumer of yesterday. Computers, Internet and Mobile Phones have made tremendous impact on the behavior of consumers.

There were times when our insurance customers were satisfied with little or no information about their portfolio. Then with the advent of PCs, you started giving them computer-printed presentations. And this became a standard expectation of all your customers. Customers are now becoming more demanding day by day and the competition in the insurance selling is ever increasing. If you have a passion to succeed in this race, you need to create your identity amongst lacs of insurance professionals in the country.

You need to be creative and distinguish yourself in your style of selling and servicing your customers. Something that will delight your customers and create a lasting impression on his mind regarding your services.

You have been using our software and giving attractive printed presentations to your customers. How about giving your customers a presentation software, which will contain important information about insurance products, pre-sales and post-sales presentations,insurance / investment portfolio details and other useful information.

What is Magic Portfolio?

Magic Portfolio is a wizard based software application. It creates the presentation software to be provided to your customers on a CD.

What can you do with Magic Portfolio CD wizard?

  • Collate pre-sales, post-sales presentations and any other useful data to be provided on the Customer CD.
  • Document Scanning and Archiving: This feature will enable you to convert your office into a virtually paperless office. You can also scan important policy / investment related documents and provide it on your Customers CD.
  • Collate insurance Product information to be provided on your Customers CD
  • Enables you to create an "About Myself" section for the Customers CD
  • Print stickers for the Customers CD branding yourself and personalize the CD in the name of your customer.

The Magic Portfolio Customer CD can contain the following:

  • Insurance Products Information
  • Customer's Insurance and Investment related presentations i.e. Compreshensive Insurance Chart, Premium Calendar, Cash Flow Chart etc.
  • MagicPlan / WonderPlan Presentations
  • Scanned copy of all his important documents
  • Printable useful forms i.e Various Insurance and Investment Calculators
  • Stress Relievers (Games)
  • How will Magic Portfolio help me?
  • The Customer CD will be branded with your name. The software provided on the Customer CD has a user friendly and classy interface. Presenting this CD to your customers instead of your regular printed presentations will certainly enhance your brand image and present a professional tech savvy outlook to your customer.
  • Bundled with the pack you will get:: 50 Pre-Printed CD Surface Stickers, 50 CD Jackets, 1 Sample of blank CD Surface Sticker