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9 Reasons to buy TABMAGIC now. For Android / Windows Tab

  • Easy, Quick & Highly affordable
  • Make a professional impact by creating sales presentations right in front of your customers
  • Close your sales faster by engaging your customers quickly at any place
  • Tablets PC’s are the latest in trend
  • Get fully empowered to prospect anytime anywhere
  • Portable and yet comprehensive
  • Increase your sales power – Sell More Earn More
  • Availibilty of Express Combo makes it more capable in convincing your customers
  • Smartphone version is also available

Your customer has evolved over the years. Today he is insurance aware and highly demanding in terms of quality and speed of service. He has many options to choose as 25 life insurance companies, 25 lac agents and multiple other channels offering attractive insurance solutions to him.

While we all know that this industry promises a huge potential to your career, one should not forget that the competition is fierce and the future is bright only for those professionals who are :

  • Equipped to serve customers at anytime
  • Ready to offer value added services
  • Able to differentiate themselves from rest others in the market
  • Able to create a striking positive image

Datacomp has always strived to bring such technological innovations for L.I.C. agents which will put their customers above the competition and help them achieve their goals easily.

With a history of more than 27 years in serving the LIC fraternity, it has successfully empowered more than 1,00,000 Agents and Development Officers with its unmatched software Visual Magic Pro

What is TABMagic Wonderplans?

It is a sales enabling software application for L.I.C. agents made specially for 6” and 10” Android Tablets which is also available for Smartphones. It harnesses the power of this new generation device to give you sales capaibilities while you are on the move

What can I do with Tab Magic Wonderplans?

Tab Magic Wonderplans (TMW) empowers you to give high quality and instant advise to your customers. You can delight your customers through its striking presentations of insurance solutions and mailing them the same for their future use & reference. Some of the many great features of TMW are enumerated below:

Magic Sales Concepts

  • Power of LIC
  • Why Retirement Planning?
  • Why Plan for Child’s future
  • Insurance need for young executives

Magic Combination Solutions

  • Retire & Enjoy
  • Smart Child
  • ATM
  • Magic Mix – a do-it-yourself combination tool

Plan Presentations

  • Plan Highlights
  • Personalized Benefits Illustration

Options Planner

  • Product Returns Spreadsheet
  • Premium Budget wise Options
  • Maturity wise Options

Need Analysis Tools

  • Human Life Value – Family Support approach
  • Human Life Value – Wealth Potential approach
  • Retirement Needs Calculator
  • Child Education Needs Calculator

Insurance Calculators

  • Premium Quotation
  • Backdating Interest
  • Latefee / Revival Quotation
  • Medical Requirements

Financial Calculators

  • How Far is my Goal
  • Savings Needed to reach Goal
  • Yield (IRR) Calculator
  • Fixed Deposit Returns
  • Recurring Deposit Returns
  • EMI Calculator
  • Income Tax Calculator


  • Share your presentations with customers
  • Sync your data on the cloud server

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 7" to 10" Android Tablet with android 4.0 or higher
  • For Smart Phone Edition Screen 4" to 6"
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 2 GB Internal memory
  • Capacitive Touch display
  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi / Internet Connectivity
  • 1.2 Ghz & above processor