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Visual DOMagic (VDOM)

Visual DO Magic™, inherited from The Magician Plus is a comprehensive Agency Team Management and Policy Servicing / Marketing system for Development Officers (Unit Managers) of LIC.

A development officer performs a very challenging job of fine-tuning the skills of his productive agents by training and monitoring their performance. This requires numerous skills and a lot of effort to manage his agent-force’ information efficiently.

Visual DO Magic™ simplifies these difficult tasks of the Development Officers making it as easy as child’s play. It enables the Development Officer to keep complete information about his Agency Sales force available to him at the press of a key. The most important functionalities of Visual DO Magic™ can be enumerated as under: -

Sales Enablers

  • Insurance Need Analysis
  • Optimum Insurance Analysis
  • Wealth Potential Analysis
  • Comprehensive Insurance Counsellor

Plan Combination Presentations

  • Multiplan Illustration
  • Moneyback Breakeven Charts
  • Magic Yield Presentation
  • Endowment Breakeven Charts
  • Advance Premium Quotation

Comparison Illustrations

  • LIC v/s Market Comparison
  • LIC v/s PPF
  • With Profit v/s Without Profit
  • Multi-Insurer Product Features comparison

Ready Reckoners & Options Planners

  • Product Returns Spreadsheet
  • Premium Budget wise Options
  • Premiums at a Glance
  • Maturity Budgetwise Options
  • Anmol Jeevan I
  • Jeevan Shree Ijeevan Rekha
  • Temporary Term Assurance Plan

Plan Illustrations

  • Special Plan Ilustrations - Bima Nivesh 2005, Future Plus, Jeevan Akshay III, Jeevan Nidhi, Jeevan Pramukh, Jeevan Saral, New Jeevan Shree I, Jeevan Adhar Plan Presentation, Jeevan Bharti, Jeevan Anand, New Jeevan Suraksha I, New Jeevan Dhara I, New Bima Kiran, Jeevan Sathi, Jeevan Vishwas, Bima Plus, Komal Jeevan
  • Keyman Presentations - Implication of Policy Assignment, Cost of Insurance & Tax Analysis
  • Magic Plans - Secure Child, Retire & Enjoy, Sanjeevani, Tax Bomber, Bhavishya Sukh, Bima Invest, Plan Brochures

Other Sales Enabling Tools

  • Premium Calculators
  • LIC Housing Finance Presentation
  • Investment Growth Chart
  • Generic Breakeven Analysis Chart
  • Fixed / Recurring Deposit Chart
  • Medical Special Reports Requirements Calculator
  • Insurance Eligibility Calculator
  • Bonus Trends
  • Plan features

Agency Management

  • Agent Information
  • Agent Registers
  • Mailing List of Agents
  • Marriage Anniversary List & Greetings
  • Birthday List & Greetings
  • Prospective Agents List

Agent Performance Analysis

  • Ranking Lists of Agents (Sum Assured wise/ No.of lives wise/ Premium wise)
  • Current v/s Previous Year's Comparison
  • Income Analysis of Agents
  • Agencywise business History
  • Target v/s Actual Performance

Agent Support System

  • Proposal Information - Completed Proposals Registers (Completion of Date wise / Agency wise / Reg. Date wise / Proposal No. Wise / Sum Assured wise / Prop. Group No. wise)
  • Pending Proposals Lists - Agency wise / Regn. Date wise / Proposal No. Wise / Sum Assured wise / Prop. Group No. wise

Policy Records/ Services

  • Policy Registers (Policy No. wise / Policy Holderwise / Commencement Datewise / Completion Datewise / Table No. wise / Mode of Payment wise)
  • Policy Status Report
  • Revival Quotations for Lapsed Policies (Ordinary / Special - Policy No. wise, On-line Query. / by Loan / by S.B)
  • Surrender Value / Loan / DiscountedValue Quotations
  • Premium Due Statements (Due Date wise / Policy Holder wise /Policy No. wise)
  • Outstanding Premiums Statements (Due Date wise / Policy Holder wise /Policy No. wise)
  • Lapsed Policies Statement with Revival Calculations (Due Date wise / Policy Holder wise /Policy No. wise)
  • Policy Maturity Statements (Maturity Date wise / Policy Holder wise)
  • Survival Benefit Statements (SB Date wise/ Policy Holder wise)
  • Conversions Statement (Conversion Due Date wise/ Policy Holder wise)

Business Management

1st / 2nd Year Premium Reports

  • Premium Due Statement
  • Lapsed Policies Statement
  • Premium Outstanding Statement

Appraisal & Financials

  • Credit Outstanding Statement
  • Gap Credit Statement
  • Credit Bill

Reimbursement Statement

  • Productivity / Lives / Recruitment / Training / Competition
  • Advance Available Statement
  • Incentive Bonus Statement
  • Additional Conveyance Statement
  • Appraisal Statement
  • Appraisal Annexures for LIC
  • Meetings Report
  • Competition Report

PHS & Tasks Management

  • Tasks Status Register
  • Datewise / Personwise / Dept. wise
  • Person / Dept. wise Tasks Outstanding List
  • Deadline wise Tasks Outstanding List
  • Completed Tasks List

Correspondence System

  • DO to L.I.C.
  • DO to Agents


  • Underwriting Information
  • Library of Forms
  • LIC Data Import facility
  • Download Gallery
  • Theme Builder
  • Cover page for reports
  • Internet Downloadable updates