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Visual Magic Pro Nonlife Software

Non-Life Insurance distribution is a very lucrative and at the same time a highly competetive business. While the opportunity horizon is consistently expanding, new challenges are springing up everyday. Every customer is being approached by several service providers and is being lured with attractive options for his insurance needs. And with the penetration of number of insurers growing by the day, the retention of customers is becoming a challenging task.

The KEY factors that are critical to the success of your business are:

  • Active communication with your customers
  • State-of-the-art policy servicing framework
  • Ability to generate leads and close them successfully
  • Speed of response to customer needs


Comprehensive Policy Management:

With VMPro-NL you can keep exhaustive records of customers and their insurance policies & endorsements. VMPro-NL has a plethora of reports / features that are needed to provide top quality service to your policy holders.

  • Detailed Customer Profiling
  • Policies Entry with specialised formats for popular insurance products
  • Premium Deposit Entry
  • Policy Endorsement Records
  • Vehicle Master
  • TPA & Hospital Records
  • Surveyor Master
  • Policy Registers
  • Premium Deposit Register
  • Endorsement Register
  • Comprehensive Insurance Chart
  • Premium Calendar

Sturdy Renewal Management System:

VMPro-NL’s policyrenewal management is a easy yet very advanced and sturdy system. It gives you total control over the renewal of the policies and ensures that your customers are well informed about their policy renewals before their due date.

  • Renewal Alerts on start up of application
  • Renewal Lists (special formats for popular products)
  • Renewal intimation (special formats for popular products)
  • New Policy creation from Renewal Data

Claims Management:

Claims is a part & parcel of the non-life insurance agent’s prime responsibilities. And it is here where his service standards are put to test by his customers. VMPro-NL’s Claim Management ensures that you in complete control of tracking in various stages of the claim process, right from notification to the insurer to settlement.

  • Claims Data entry
  • Claims Stage Tracking
  • Claim Task alert on start-up
  • Claim Notification to Insurer / TPA
  • Claims Register
  • Claims follow-up worksheet

Sales Enablers:

VMPro-NL’s pre-sales tools help you to save time, increase your productivity and sales potential. Here are some of the many pre-sales tools that you can get in VMPro-NL:

  • Premium Quotations for a number of popular products across various insurers. For e.g. Motor Premium, Fire, Mediclaim ( Group & Individual ), Personal Accident, Health Insurance, Householder, Shopkeeper, Office Umbrella, Travel Insurance, Workmen Compensation, Contractors All Risk Policy, Jewellers Block, Cattle Insurance, etc.
  • Ready Reckoners for popular health insurance products of several insurers. For e.g. New India, National, United India, Oriental, Reliance, ICICI Lombard, HDFC, Bajaj Allianz, Tata-AIG, Star, Apollo, etc.
  • Health Insurance Presentation for customers

Powerful MIS System

VMPro-NL has a rich collection of MIS reports which will provide vital views of your customers, their insurance and your business productivity.

  • Discontinued Policies List
  • Customerwise Insurance Summary
  • Productwise Business Done
  • Areawise Business Done
  • New Customer Acquisitions List
  • Customers eligible for free Health checkup
  • Premium per Client
  • Commission Earning per Client

Commission Reconciliation

This module helps you in keeping track of your commission that you receive from the insurance company. Tracking the commission receivable can be an enormous effort and this module eases this task with vital reports to keep you posted on the commission earned and outstanding.

  • Commission Rates Master
  • Commission Bill Entry
  • Commission Summary
  • Commission Outstanding Report
  • Commission Forecast

Correspondence System:

Your regular correspondence needs in respect to your agency business can be handled with ease and with the help of this module. You can create standard templates or use one from the library provided, to generate letters from:

  • Agent to Insurer
  • Agent to TPA / Surveyor
  • Agent to Customers
  • Customer to Insurer
  • Customer to TPA / Surveyor

E-Docket Paperless Office:

Now you can make your office paperless, using the VMPro-NL’s innovative document management system. Instead of keeping bulky paper records of your customers, store them electronically.

E-Docket allows you to scan or import the files (such as PDF/ JPG/ TIFF / BMP etc.) and organizes them customer wise. You can then retrieve stored documents by simply selecting the customer and clicking on the desired document in the list. You can view, print or e-mail the document to your customers as and when needed.

Communication System:

You can reach out to your customers & prospects in seconds and that too at an amazingly low cost. VMPro-NL has a in-built SMS and E-Mail communication engine which gives you the capability to run marketing campaigns, send renewal alerts and greetings to your customers electronically via SMS / E-Mail

Other Value add Features

  • Customer Drill Down
  • Pop-up Policy / Customer search option
  • Appointments Diary with Active alerts
  • Task Management
  • Customer Mailing Labels
  • Birthdays & Anniversary Greetings
  • Online update of Tarrif Rates through internet download